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Fiddler’s Elbow: May Bank Holiday Festival

From the clubs early years, bands have played at the St Moritz, including The Sweet, Episode Six-who became Deep Purple and Joe Strummer’s first band, The 101ers. With another 3 bands and DJ till 3 am! Entry: Only £6 for our fans

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Lead vocals & Guitar

was born on the 15th of February 1989 in the Czech Republic. He first picked up the guitar at the age of 16. During this period, he didn’t take playing the guitar too seriously even when he’d attend guitar lessons. Later on in life, Jaycob began singing and composing mainly due to inspiration developed by his studies of Pharmaceutics. 


Bass guitar & Vocals

was born November 1st1986 and grew up in Jablonec nad Nisou. She first started to play bass during her teens after filling the position at a friend’s memorial concert. Lenni has been mastering the bass guitar ever since. She loves her instrument!



was born on the 3rd of March 1992 in Great Britain. He developed a great interest in music from a very young that later inspired him to study the subject both at college and university. As well as the drummer of GATE, Ryan is also an independent music producer.

Army of freaks

Army of freaks Freaks! Already dead inside Imprisoned for life A few more times They tell me my mind has two sides The carnage I’ve cause taking too many lives Just like siblings compete Attention seeking – yes, indeed Which part of me should I feed? Which one takes over, aiming to...

The Arsonist

Remember when you were young Burning wasp in wax by only using the sun To see them fry To see cry I liked it Growing up, losing hope Whiskey, loose women Smoking dope A thousand matches and a jerry-can Is a perfect match Run as fast as you can! You better run! I am the arsonist Don’t...

I am the mistake

“I am the mistake” How many times do I have to visit my underworld staff? How many times do I have to see my death? Would it be enough for me to die? Could you please put my body into formalin? Is everything just some connected sake? Or kind of repeating protected wake? Another ten...

Out of danger

(lyrics by James Fenton/Out of danger) Learn as trees must learn to fall Out of danger, out of love Out of danger from the heart Falling, falling, falling… …out of love What belongs to frost and thaw Sullen winter will not harm What belongs to earth and death Is out of danger from the sun I was...

Powerful gate

When you open your privateness I can see powerful gate Powerful gate! If I let you scare me, you would If not you’re powerful gate Powerful gate! Make sure you take everything around To see nothing but you all around Please make sure you won’t let me down Please make sure you won’t let me down...

Silly Girl

We already know you’re crazy So you can stay as you are We’ve already met your frenzy Anyway Superego’s being braising You don’t know when to cut down Your love skills are surprising Me When I saw you Didn’t know you But those sparks in your eyes Made me want you Made me let...


When you open your privateness I can see powerful gat My brain’s strong but decayed Tell me if use or waste Does it have any taste? I-I-I’ve got molecule of madness An angry spaceship seeking cure Out of time, inside the blur Invigorating jaunty tour I-I-I’ve got molecule of madness LISTEN TO ME,...

Sinner 24/7

Don’t pretend you’re one of those stainless Your soul’s not nicer in smart dress Do you still reckon a lot’s more than less? There’s no one not involved, no one who’d bless you My father’s demons have chosen my name Which allows me to become insane Your nose is high, your neck’s like a crane You...


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Lost in the manor: THE FINSBURY

The Finsbury Lost in the Manor presents GATE at The Finsbury. 23rd July 2016 Start 9 pm With Ellekaye and Brothers Rasputin The Solution Vivamus ipsum velit, ullamcorper quis nibh non, molestie tempus sapien. Mauris ultrices, felis ut eleifend auctor, leo felis...

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May Bank Holiday Festival

Your Project Name Fiddler's Elbow, Camden's legendary award-winning live music venue. 30th May at May Bank Holiday Festival. Gate starting 8pm. The Solution Vivamus ipsum velit, ullamcorper quis nibh non, molestie tempus sapien. Mauris ultrices, felis ut eleifend...

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St Moritz Club – London – 02/04/2016

From the clubs early years, bands have played at the St Moritz, including The Sweet, Episode Six-who became Deep Purple and Joe Strummer’s first band, The 101ers.

With another 3 bands and DJ till 3 am!
Entry: Only £6 for our fans

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The heavy rock trio – GATE – was formed in autumn 2015. Jakub Drahonsky and Lenka Wiedenova, two Chemistry graduates from Czech Republic, came to London to give up their expected career to live for music. Later on, they met a young music producer, drummer and English man, originally from the countryside of Sonning Common near Reading, Ryan Price .

All three together started creating a new style and characteristic sound as a result of their different perception of music and resonated into something unique and colourful – GATE.

Thanks to Gate’s unchained energy, the audience rate their live shows even more powerful than their studio recordings. If you like heavy guitar riffs, groovy drums and ringing deep bass notes, connected with melodic harmonies of unique vocals and unusual lyrics, Gate is certainly the music for your rock soul. Gate has just released their 3rd EP, launched on their second tour in the Czech Republic where they played their first big festivals.


The beginning

First of all, Jakub met Lenka in the Czech Republic at a university where both of them studied chemistry. They realized that they prefer to describe the world we all live in by music rather than by science. After finishing their Master degrees, Jakub and Lenka packed their rucksacks and bought flying tickets to New Zealand. Music was connecting them with local Kiwis. Unusual situations and even more unexpected crazy stories behind firmed their relationship causing them to make a decision to pack again. This time they decided to move to the “Mecca of music”, London.

Consequently, in New Zealand was created the song I am the mistake: “Jay [Jakub] got drunk in a winery where they worked that time. He kicked off the front window in their car while climbing on the roof in a full speed.”

After moving to London, it took them a while to settle down and get used to the mental city. After a year, they found a young drummer Ryan Price who has been working as a music producer. Or he found them?

That time, the band was still called “Indole Mind”. All of them together started establishing their new music style. As a result of the resonance in their vibes, the new band name and graphic design came up too.

The first show

The first live show (still with the band name Indole Mind) was in East London 19th September 2015. There is (still) a nice and friendly place called German Deli Warehouse in Hackney Wick. Surprisingly, around 30 people came to see their first gig already and the audience was amazingly involved straight away.

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